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Interlit Filtration GmbH
Filtration systems and chip conveyors from a single source.

Interlit Filtration GmbH offers you almost 40 years of know-how and support in the field of cooling lubricant treatment. Irrespective of the challenge posed by your machining process or machine tool, we will accompany you from planning through to commissioning. Have you discovered that standard solutions for your coolant system are not up to the job? Then take a look at our TMF modular system. 

We look forward to getting to know you and your projects.

Our product range

Interlit Filtration GmbH is synonymous with high quality and innovative systems for filtering liquids and removing chips. Our coolant systems and chip conveyors for machine tools are based on a sophisticated modular system. This enables us to develop customised solutions at competitive prices.

In addition to the core elements – the filter system and chip conveyor – Interlit Filtration GmbH offers a wide range of additional equipment. This includes magnetic separators, frequency converters, various additional filters, cooling systems, heating elements and also pressure boosting and return pumping stations.

Filtration products


The basis of a high-performance coolant system is a high-performance filter attachment. The TMF is characterised by its compact dimensions, high throughput, safe discharge of floating chips, good accessibility, rapid fleece change and best filtration quality thanks to its patented side sealing technology.

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Chip conveyor products


Chip conveyors round off the range of products for our customers. Depending on the task at hand, the material to be processed and the chip shape and volume, we supply scraper conveyors as well as hinged belt conveyors that are matched to our customers’ respective machine layouts.

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Directions and contact 

Visit us at our sales office in Cologne or at our production site in Joachimsthal in the Barnim district of Brandenburg. We look forward to your visit.

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Location of distribution Cologne

Location of production 

Interlit Filtration GmbH
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Interlit Filtration GmbH
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